Nigeria May disintegrate — Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar

Former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, has waned that Nigeria may disintegrate, if the recent ethnic clashes, insurgency, banditry and kidnapping across the country are not tackled properly.

Gen. Abubakar who is chairman of the National Peace Committee, NPC, spoke to newsmen in Minna, Niger State, yesterday. He said the recent spread of violence across the country, if not carefully handled, might lead Nigeria to a point of no return.

He asked all Nigerians, especially the governors, to take full responsibility in managing the divergent voices and frustrations within their states that could fuel disunity, anarchy and disintegration.

His words: “As if the continued insurgency in the country, the kidnap and armed robbery are not cup full, the recent happenings in some parts of the country, of ethnic attacks, is unfortunate and is adding to the problems.

“In the last two weeks or so, tension has been growing in the country and embers of disunity, anarchy and disintegration are spreading fast and if care is not taken, this might lead us to a point of no return.

“We at the National Peace Committee, wish to add our voice to the voices of millions of Nigerians calling for calm in these difficult times because these times demand that we all join hands to resolve our challenges so as to keep our country united. We do not have the luxury of trading blames.

“Thousands of our people are homeless and have refugees across the length and breadth of their own country. “We know the difficulties that our farmers have faced in the last few years and that the harvests will be a serious challenge this year.

‘’Therefore, let us all rally in these hard times, make the required sacrifices and remain vigilant, standing by one another.’’

He advised governors to “tone down their rhetoric and take full responsibility for managing the divergent voices and frustrations within their states.

“It is true that we are all in a states of fear and collective anxiety. However, the last thing we need is for the enemy to sense a lack of unity on our part or a break in our ranks.’’

Also, Gen. Abubakar enjoined the new service chiefs and the Inspector General of Police to rise to the urgent demands of the moment.

He said: “You need to rally your troops and design the best strategy to end this tragic war that has continued to consume and destroy the foundations of our dear country.

“We hope that based on your field experiences in this war, you can draw up a well co-ordinated programme to ensure that all our resources are deployed to achieve the much needed victory in this avoidable war.”

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