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DecisionMakers is a first rate and revolutionary news website committed to innovation and
excellence in journalism .Using the best reportorial hands and technology ,the site maintains
undivided attention on decision makers in politics , the economy ,and issues of development .
We guarantee best practices and sustainable development with our eagle eye on everything that
affects governance and life
As we dish out facts and news as they break ,we promise to sustain our reportorial style of
demystifying business language for swift understanding and digestion of issues .we promise to
serve all and sundry irrespective of tribe or creed .As a policy we shall remain fair,firm
,objective and law abiding .This is our credo and we not falter on our article of faith
Vision statement
To be the largest ,most impartial and highly dependable news , information and investigative
portal .

Mission statement
A platform for in- depth analysis and investigative news and information basically through
critical but constructive analysis .Using thorough bred and highly ethical conscious journalists
and analysts with nose and skills for investigative journalism Our online newspaper shall be a
platform for information ,news and reports for better and visionary leadership and efficient
resource management that ultimately engender better society and humanity

A versatile journalist with close to three decades experience in print journalism. He started his
journalism career from the defunct African Concord Magazine where he distinguished himself as
a finance reporter . He later proceeded to The NEWS Magazine ,BusinessDay ,Nigerian Tribune
,National Mirror and Policy Magazine where he served as a senior writer,Assistant Editor and
Finance Editor.
Adetunji’s mission at The DecisionMakers is essentially to engage policy makers ,review their
policies, conduct investigations and illuminating interviews with news sources .
Already , he has assembled equally tested and trusted news hounds and experienced writers and
analysts. Aside finance ,the online journal’s core area , the magazine will also focus on
crime,politics,development, IT,and arts and culture .
Adetunji attended University of Nigeria,Nsukka where he studied Mass Communications .He
also obtained Master in Business Administration in addition to on the job training within and
outside Nigeria. All this and more he brings to the DecisionMakers both online and in print

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The management of Decisionmakers Media Limited hereby solicits for advertising
patronage and support from your organization.
Decisionmakers Media Limited is the publisher of Decisionmakers weekly. The paper
focuses on economic and political underpinnings of actions and decisions of decision
makers in both private and public sectors. This is done through our networks of analyst
as well as thorough bred investigative journalists.
We have registered our presence in all states in Nigeria and demonstrated zeal to
change the face the face of journalism by focusing on decision makers in all areas of
human endeavors.
The newspaper enjoys excellent reputations as it is seen to represent high quality
reports and views of key opinion leaders and analysts. Our product reflects unbiased
informative and valuable reports and views.
Each edition is full of feature articles, News and reports and photographs covering the
latest political, economic, social, cultural and sporting developments.
It provides a unique picture of Nigeria today.

We will be grateful if our request is granted. Advert can be forwarded to our e-mail
address of decisionmakers@yahoo.com
Thanks for your support.

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