Kazeem Akinleye :The egghead and the prodigy in the service of the state of the Living Spring.

When the distinguished Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke was elected the Governor of Osun , the state of the Living Spring, the first challenge that confronted him was getting a proactive ,dependable and efficient Chief Of Staff.

He was not oblivious of the imperative of this office .He knew the position of CoS is a very delicate one. First , it could make or mar the occupier, since he carries a great load of responsibility on his head and must be willing to do any job for his principal, without necessarily making it appear as if he is authorised by the principal. The occupier is a front liner who must have been tested, trusted and has the capability to represent his principal well. Apart from being efficient, he must be amiable and easily accessible. He must be a high ranking professional, with a wide range experience in administrative work and he must be willing to involve himself in all essential services and decisions. He therefore cannot afford to be aloof, unapproachable or standoffish. Conversely, he must be intuitive, informed, alive, autonomous and accessible.

After a serious search for a person with sterling qualities to deliver above values for the smooth running and successful administration, the cap fits no one else than Kazeem Akinleye.

The reason for his choice may not be farfetched. Kazeem Akinyele is a consummate technocrat and professional who always puts his best foot forward, no matter what the circumstances are. With immense skills in different spheres of human endeavours and as a highly skilled and knowledgeable administrator, a grassroots politician and a person with uncommon strength and purpose, Akinleye is proving to be one of the best things that happened to Osun State with the coming of Governor Nurudeen Jackson Ademola Adeleke, a governor for all seasons.

Governor Adeleke, a former distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is at the moment, redefining governance from confusion to certainty and clarity with his courage and people-oriented programmes. The governor is also reaching out to people irrespective of political affiliations for the good of Osun State. This is in addition to engendering peace, providing security, healing old wounds and building infrastructure like never before.

In the mix of these great, uncommon and unprecedented achievements is Kazeem Akinleye, the capacity Chief of Staff, (CoS) to the performing governor of Osun State. So far, the Osun State government under the able leadership of Adeleke is taking giant steps that are changing the face of the State of the Living Spring.

Osun State under Adeleke is undergoing transformation from what it used to be a couple of years ago, to a model state that now attracts attention from far and near. But the re-engineering going on in Osun State is a product of many years of meticulous planning on the part of a governor who came fully prepared. Adeleke, it must be stressed, is leaving no stone unturned in his determination to improve the quality of the various components of infrastructure such as roads, water, agriculture, ICT, sanitation and even power, through alternative means. The governor is also breaking new grounds in education, security management, peace-building, skills acquisition, and community development. This uncommon governor who was once called ‘The Dancing Senator’ shortly after making his intention to govern the state known, continues to win. He is also proving naysayers wrong with his numerous achievements in every corner of the state where he is fast becoming a folk hero.

Another interesting part of the developing story in Osun State is that even as the governor writes his name in gold on account of his achievements so far, he still appreciates the contributions of his close aides, men like Akinleye and others who are also part of those driving the wheel of progress.

Adeleke is without doubt, a true leader who is touching lives with his exceptionally impactful programmes and policies. So far, he is deploying creativity and bravery in addressing the dwindling fortunes of education in the state because he fully appreciates the fact that education is the bedrock of any meaningful development, anywhere. He is also addressing other areas of need in equal measure in the state. Today, he is tackling like never before, issues of poverty, bad roads, poor health delivery, neglect of the grassroots, environmental problems, payment of workers salaries, contributory pensions, cooperative savings, security problems, agricultural entrepreneurship and confidence building, among other achievements. All these and more are engendering hope in a state that had experienced untold suffering, hardship and hopelessness for many years. For instance, Adeleke has sunk boreholes in about 335 wards in Osun State. The impact and importance of this underground water in an agrarian state like Osun, cannot be overemphasized.

It will also be recalled that Adeleke, through the support of the Osun State House of Assembly, returned the good people of the state to Osun State after ditching ‘State of Osun’ which had appeared like another country in the Nigerian union. It should also be noted that the current government has constructed over 20 kilometers of roads across the nine federal constituencies in the state. Under this administration, a total of N518 million went to 40 communities in the state for infrastructural developments. This is in addition to the robust Imole Surgical and Medical Outreach with over 2,000 beneficiaries and another 18,000 with other health conditions. For the governor, this is the only way to support and improve the quality of life of citizens and residents of the state.

However, it would have been near impossible for the Adeleke to record these phenomenal achievements in such a short time without some of his trusted aides like Kazeem Akinleye. Akinleye, a patriot and a purpose-driven man has done remarkably well as the governor’s right-hand man. And, it is obvious from every indication, that Adeleke’s success story is resonating with everyone today in Osun State and beyond because of the contribution of this important technocrat who fully understands the governor’s vision and mission.

One undeniable fact is that Akinleye really knows his way around administration and governance, and he fits the bill in every ramification. In discharging his duties, this unusual Chief of Staff is not only up-to-minute with ideas, he is also fitted with the right information and temperament for a job that continues to endear him to the generality of the people of Osun State. Beyond the right information, Akinleye also receives accolades on a daily basis for his speed on decision making and the right follow-up, especially with regard to project implementation and monitoring.

Today, Akinleye is confirming the truth regarding the usefulness and indispensability of a resourceful Chief of Staff in modern day governance, both at the state and the federal levels. Now, everyone knows that the CoS can make or mar his or her principal because of the sensitivity attached to his office. He is not only the major last line of defence by virtue of his centrality, he also carries a huge responsibility on his shoulders. For those who may not have come in contact with Akinleye, he is like a silent producer who works behind the scenes. And he is ready to execute any assignment without taking the glory even when he may have initiated the assignment.

Over the years, this quintessential administrator has proven to be tested, trusted and also capable of representing his principal well under any circumstance. Apart from being efficient, intentional, amiable and accessible, Akinleye is also independent-minded, approachable, intuitive, informed and deep-rooted in administrative matters. In spite of the large number of aides at the disposal of a governor or president, the CoS remains the number one aide because of his numerous duties, one of which is to manage and ensure that other staff remain loyal, while also performing at their optimum. But he is also humble to accept responsibilities for any infraction or underperformance even when he is not directly connected to any breach. This is the burden the CoS bears because of the sensitivity of his office.

In fairness, Akinleye has acquitted himself creditably well to the admiration of the governor, the citizens and residents of Osun State since he assumed office. And he has made many personal sacrifices to provide service and also keep the high standard that is currently associated with the government of Adeleke. From the look of things, Osun State obviously has a very bright future under the leadership of Adeleke, who in his wisdom, appointed such a consummate technocrat and professional as a CoS. And Akinleye is fulfilling all his expected duties as “an air traffic controller, an integrator, a communicator, an honest broker, a truth teller and a confidant”

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