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For  years, Globacom revolutionizes the telecommunications industry in Nigeria with unequalled products, ingenious leadership and outstanding corporate social responsibility performance that is second to none

Globacom is an innovative brand. In less than two decades, it has succeeded in re-inventing the telecommunications industry by adding new range of products and colors to existing ones. The company is also continually offering entirely new services to customers across Nigeria and beyond.

This is no mean feat. And the organization continues to receive accolades for breaking new grounds and for also pioneering the birth of inventive and unmatched services.

One interesting thing about Globacom is that it came on the scene, fully ready to serve. Unlike others whose endless experiments created doubts among many Nigerians, Globacom, a proudly Nigerian company, entered the market and calmed strayed nerves with its customer-friendly services. Restoring public confidence, no doubt, requires considerable efforts and when eventually, the story of Nigeria’s telecommunications industry is written, Globacom will occupy a prime space. The company will indeed call the shots among its peers because of the unforgettable packages and incentives that it brought to the scene.

The most revolutionary part of the company’s giant stride is the issue of affordability and accessibility associated with Glo. To achieve this dream, the company, at its early stages, invested heavily in the best and most modern equipment. On arrival, Globacom became the first network to launch the per second billing platform that gave unlimited services to millions of customers and countless cities, towns and villages in Nigeria within few months of its emergence.

So, telecommunications which was an exclusive preserve of a few became available to all irrespective of age, sex, creed, income or ethnic nationality.

For many who may not know, Glo was first in almost everything and occasionally, it flaunts its pioneering effort whenever the need arises.  

Globacom was first to offer 2.5 G when other providers were on 2 G. The company also led others as the first to provide MMS and International SMS connectivity to over 804 networks in 174 countries. Again, the network pioneered BlackBerry solutions and became the first to offer international prepaid roaming. It later launched the first voice SMS based information services.

But Globacom is not resting on its oars despite its superlative performance on all fronts. It is constantly designing products and services to meet the ever changing needs of customers across age and sex. For instance, for the fast growing number of young and restless people, it decided to design products that speak directly to their needs in business and entertainment, sports, social relationships and other areas of their lives.  

In another breadth, the company launched the over 10,000kilometre Glo 1 submarine cable that provides terabytes of data per second to West Africa. It also engineered the first nationwide 4 G network that offers nationwide coverage, fastest speed and best prices.

The company also got people literally talking with TVC, a star-studded commercial that emphasizes talk as a distinctive feature of human beings, whether young or old, man or woman.

There is also the Glo Health Care, a digital health assistant, produced and tailored to give Nigerians access to best global health care from the comfort of their phones.

For entertainment lovers, there is also something for them. The Glo Entertainment Portal manages and promptly satisfies the entertainment needs of every subscriber. With over 2 million local and foreign songs, over 12, 000 Hollywood, Nollywood and Bollywood movies and access to more than 10, 000 games, Glo is a true leader with regard to entertainment. This is in addition to music, comedy, sports and short videos from many channels for the listening and viewing pleasure of customers.

On the other hand, Glo Artificial Intelligence platform engages customers directly on every information about prepaid plans, data plans and value added services. There is also Glo Money that enables financial transactions, Glo Drive, Glo Connect and other services that improve the  quality of life of every subscriber.

In virtually every aspect of life and living, Globacom has done remarkably well. The company, has over the last 16 years, changed the way we talk, play, relax, laugh, engage, relate and attend to our health needs. It is surely a company that will continue to shape and influence the future. For their teeming customers, the good news is that Glo is prepared and ready to keep evolving and adapting to the needs of their teeming customers.    


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