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The race for Osun governorship election is steadily gathering momentum .It promises to be a battle of the titans ; campaign razzmatazz and glib arguments  , routines of the   electioneering seasons, are now at  the top  gear.   But the voters are not ready to be dazzled by the above .    Grounded in deep frustration   they    alleged  ,     ,the politicians are behind their tales of woes .


According to a labour leader,   who craved for anonymity,   only those aspirants , who could key into the mood of the voters and with trust and character , would the necessary attention .   They  want a leader or governor  with the necessary potentials  to create  visible signs of economic growth within the shortest possible time in office    ;they  are longing  for a leader who is patently in command  of the  economy and   could  release the state from its stagnant position. As at now the economy of the state is stranded.    Falling standard of living , the hunger and frustration that hang on the falling real income ;the growing debt , raw social divisions ,and moral drift are  the realities on ground . Only a leader that can carefully match the above   mood of the voters  can find a space in their thinking ,  i.e concentrate their   minds  on the real imperative ,to tackle the current social economic debacle

However, only  the few ,if any, of those     emerging on political   terrain  presently as aspirants have built their careers, with cares ,within the system, particularly among the known and the familiar faces .The relatively unknown are difficult to trust , that will a crass error .If at all one has to   go for      any unknown aspirant  as the governor of  Osun state as a successor of Aregbesola ,one has to hope hard and take much on trust .  Most of  the veteran politicians scrambling for the number seat  are raw politicians without any vision  or fire in their bellies or sparks of political courage that could lift the state from its present quagmire    Osun state is in dare need of a  leader that is ambitious and solicitous of the populace rather than selfish charlatans    Those  without  the necessary and clear  vein of principle  are  those around now  . Except the unknown and untested aspirants flying kites  ,  the familiar faces  gunning for the number one  seat   are  the    masters of the flexible posture   and disingenuous slide   If the issues of elections are seen as trust and character some of them may not stand the test of time Presently , it is no longer ideological stance of the political parties  but individuals  with potentials and skill set that could fill the economical gap.    The incoming governor of the state is expected to fill this gap  and move the state forward .

Incidentally , investigations in the state of the living spring confirmed this .  .The issue of this election is on trust of character and intellectual capacity .  Only candidates  that  can justify this trust can restore confidence of the electorates on  the people welfare and well being . . .  The incumbent governor Aregbesola has held down a belief  that the present economic misfortune of the state is a  national calamity  .But  ,no doubt, he has bastardized    it   This  has led to his deep political unpopularity ..Fiscal policy ,meanwhile ,has been all at sea . The state debt has grown astronomically  without the  expected  correlations in terms of development .


Aregbesola has failed woefully to secured economic health for the state . Only a governor who enables the people to be highly   skilful,  independent economic oriented,  not the one that   relies  on the federal allocation can succeed in Osun. For the past eight years ,the incumbent governor  has proved resoundingly to be dead to new  ideas or bereft of new ones .  Aregbesola  is spent and his party with him . . The man   , tired to distractions    and out of ideas . has become a prey to charlatans whose socio- economic rostrums have failed the people and rub salt on the state wounds .The only messiah expected is the one with high level of moral authority with a sense and wisdom of economic revival .This may not be farfetched . The unwritten rule of the government is that ,as the economy goes , so goes everything else .

For  this  some observers believe , he   has no  moral authority  to determine  his   successor  To do that could be tantamount to  seeking a successor that could       protect or cover the track for him



Aregbesola  is and has been at his wit end on this fundamental imperative . .   Aregbesola’s emergence seven years ago undoubtedly, came with a lot of hopes and expectations. The governor’s tenure also came with revelations, frequent controversies and turbulence. Certainly, the governor who cut his political teeth under the famous former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu weathered almost all the storm his governorship generated. At least, no body or group was able to impeach him..  Now, as Aregbesola prepares to hand over to a successor, a major battle awaits him. Interestingly, the political terrain has changed remarkably in Osun and beyond. Apart from the preponderance of new enemies even within, Aregbesola’s All  Progressives Congress, APC, must prepare to face the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in a final and ultimate test for popularity and relevance. The APC will as a party, also carry the general atmosphere of unfulfilled electoral promises as baggage into the forth-coming election.


Aregbesola’s critics have severally criticised him of many sins. Prominent among them is his dictatorial tendencies and the Osun School Reclassification programmes that almost tore the state apart. During this period, the governor, unfortunately took steps that were discriminatory against a particular religion in his quest for solutions to the religious crisis.  There was also the bizarre introduction of Ifa as a subject in Osun schools and what many consider as the governor’s unpopular creation of Local Council Development Authorities, LCDA’s across the state. There are also issues around what they describe as the governor’s lack of consultation before making appointments and the gradual pauperization of Osun people.  Even among staunch supporters of the governor in the state’s factionalised APC, there is fear of the PDP because of the ruling party’s dwindling fortunes. The situation is even made worse by the growing suspicion of imposition of candidate from outside

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