Alhaji Fatai Akinbade : A joker beckons

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 Alhaji Fatai Akinbade : A joker beckons


 Alhaji Fatai Akinbade ,  amiable  politician and a  former Secretary to Osun State Government  is widely believed to be  PDP’s most popular governorship aspirant in the approaching Osun State guber election  


The race to the Osun State gubernatorial election  this  2018 promises to be very  memorable;  at least with  the underlying circumstances  and undercurrents  pointing to a battle to finish


The   political intrigues are at the top gear with many  aspirants seeking voters attentions .But the  voters  appear  not dazzled by the ongoing campaign razzmatazz and glib arguments   ;they  are  seemingly on a revenge mission .



This may not be misplaced. . The issues of this coming election, no doubt, shall  border on the welfare of the people of the state of the living spring  .The unwritten rule of government is that ,as the economy goes ,so goes everything else .Only a candidate or party standard bearer that is fiscally responsible ,socially hard-headed and business minded with  trust and character may appeal strongly to the mindset of the electorates this time .  The economy of the state is stranded    by slow growth and fearing much worse  . waiting for a rescue .Falling real income ,growing debt, raw social divisions and moral drift   are palpable everywhere       .Surely , the theme of this election is not going to be ideological , ;untold  hardship  has reduced the ideological gap between the parties  and it  is not likely to   be a decisive factor No wonder, Akinbade has continued  with a    campaign slogan  towards the welfare of the people, the real imperative.



And voters especially among civil servants are rooting for him . In a search for the right person for the job ,many people are already talking of a joker in   PDP Even  APC sympathizers know of this game changer who is feared for his mobility and grassroots support. This is what the overwhelming majority of  PDP members see in one of the contestants,  Fatai Akinbade  who has been severally described as a veritable  weapon against   the embattled ruling party. Akinbade has, indeed, built his political career  ,with care ,within the system ..And will not break the mould . He is good at the game, ambitious ,solicitous of his friends and the general public. Akinbade with overwhelming sparks of political courage and very clear vein of principle is believed to be the right man for the job. .


The  former Secretary to State Government  certainly, is popular for obvious reasons.  Akinbade ,   a    good mixer and a very popular politician possesses the goodwill and appeal that can retain APC’s hold on power in Osun State.  He also hails from Osun West, a senatorial zone that enjoyed the exalted office of the governor for only 22 months. So Osun West is expected by Osun people and all fair-minded men to produce the next governor of the state.


Outside the raging issue of equity and justice which run in favour of  Akinbade   ,  his deep pocket and generosity is also a factor. Many also cite his friendly disposition, humility, simplicity and fairness as veritable advantages. To complement these obvious gains are his network and well-oiled political machine which is tested and trusted. Those rooting for  Akinbade say he is the only person that can radically reverse the prevailing hunger and starvation ravaging the political elite in the state. This is politics and nobody can easily wave away the issue of stomach infrastructure.



But Akinbade  also has an impressive record as an experienced, competent and accomplished leader. At least the people say so.  There are those who would easily say that he is sympathetic, caring and also has a listening ear. This group flaunts his open-handedness and the fact that he has positively touched lives in his long years in public office.


However, the icing on  Akinbade ’s cake is the peoples resolve to vehemently oppose any form of imposition from Lagos or anywhere for that matter.  The people of Osun and APC members generally are insistent on the fact that they have come off age and should therefore decide within Osun borders, the person that will fly the party’s flag.  There are fears that Aregbesola, a well known protégée of Tinubu will turn to Lagos for the ultimate selection process even with the groundswell of opposition against imposition by party members. This is an added advantage likely to be exploited by Akinbade


The 2018 governorship election in Osun State is a straight fight. It is between APC and PDP .However,   if the  PDP  does all the necessary things, particularly with regard to primaries, confidence-building, transparency and mobilisation, victory will be certain for the party.  This party vacated unceremoniously seat many years ago


But anything on the contrary will return the  APC  to the  Government House

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